Awakened-On the Path to the Purple Door

Back in the era where magick influenced victory and power, Merlin was aided by The Wise Counsel of Three who rescued him from the dark powers. In return they were bequeathed the powers of manifestation and foresight that would intensify with each generation.

One of those families remains today–the Lockstones, now known as the Luxtons. The Saga follows the journeys of their descendants, beginning with,  Awakened–On the Path to the Purple Door, as teenager Thea Luxton leaves her hometown in Lyme, New Hampshire through a series of fateful events, to return to her natural birthplace. Here, she discovers her true heritage, that was hidden from her by her mother since infancy. Reunited with her previously unknown family, her destiny and the prophecies of the family are revealed to her as the Fate of the Lockstones passes to her.




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